6sense: Complete Visibility into Buyer Journey

Jason Zintak, CEO, 6senseJason Zintak, CEO Monopoly is the word that best describes the success of tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Powered by massive data sets, high compute power, and experienced data scientists, these companies have managed to capture the attention of the global populace. But, today, the computing power is not confined in the hands of these giants. Various B2C companies are leveraging the compute power in tandem with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to gain valuable insights. “If the combination of ML/AI infrastructure and expertise is brought to the B2B world to the same extent as B2C, it would do wonders,” says Jason Zintak, CEO, 6sense. Especially in the marketing and sales arena where there is a big automation void, AI can create a big difference.

Due to the lack of automated marketing application, an incredible amount of resources are being wasted. In case of B2B marketing, specifically, 90 percent of expenditure goes out on ‘spray and pray”, hoping to reach prospective clients. “I have seen the transformational power that big data, and ML/ AI can bring to a company, but unfortunately, B2B sales and marketing organizations have been left behind by this wave,” informs Zintak. If customer data flooding from various sources are used, applying AI on them, marketers can intelligently be signaled to approach a potential customer at the right time with the right message. This is exactly what 6sense is empowering marketers to do by leveraging AL, amid the current massive buyer activity taking place. Democratizing the power of big data, AI, and machine learning, 6sense’s technology is providing marketing and sales teams with complete visibility into buyers as to who they are, and what are their needs.

"6sense is poised to reinvent every aspect of marketing—from dynamic, time-based target account identification, to attribution, media spend and campaign management"

6sense connects various data together, de-anonymizes them, and structures the unstructured data to provide marketers with omni-channel connectivity and 360 degree visibility of customers’ choice, demand, and revenue. With strong predictions powering downstream sales and marketing systems, the company provides insights such as the types of products customers desire to buy, when they intend to buy, and their position in the buyer’s journey.

Democratizing the power of big data, AI, and machine learning, 6sense’s technology is providing marketing and sales teams with complete visibility into buyers as to who they are, and what are their needs

As a result, marketers develop new pipeline and gain higher marketing to sales conversions, larger opportunity size, increased sales productivity, and enhanced effectiveness with teams that are focused on the right ‘in-market’ buyers.

Built on a big data AI platform, 6sense uses innovative techniques in data science to deliver on its promise. 6sense’s customers are empowered to detect active buying cycles that indicate a business need and propensity to purchase.

Discover the Full-Funnel

To convert prospective customers into buyers, it is paramount to have a complete understanding of the B2B buyers’ journey. Today, in the world of account-based marketing (ABM), marketers need visibility into buying signals from multiple people, across every channel, which are carefully analyzed over time. But, most of the customers’ journey is hidden in the dark funnel—marketing automation platform fail to capture signals like anonymous web visits, and third party research, and false form fill remain unnoticed. As a torchbearer in the marketing automation space, 6sense leverages AI to connect intent signals from across the channels to help marketers comprehend and predict prospect customer account. Uncovering demand requires insight into the actions of the prospect buyers throughout the marketing funnel, from their early interest on third party websites to interactions with the last stage marketing content. This is where 6sense brings in the true power of AI to help marketers turn a massive volume of intent signals into valuable insights that accelerates demand. While 6sense’s Demand Graph platform effectively captures intent signals from every known and unknown source, and connects them to prospect accounts, their Sentinel AI platform leverages historic intent signals to reconstruct the account-based buyer journey for businesses. The Sentinel AI platform continuously monitors Demand Graph and intelligently analyzes changes in intent taking place. Now, an account-based marketer has the confidence to accurately predict the position of an account is in their buying journey. The result is a complete insight into the account-based buyers’ journey in the hands of the marketers.

“The big opportunity with 6sense is that businesses are actually not marketing until they see the demand signal. And then when they do market, it’s timely, relevant, and the person wants to hear about it,” says Zintak. After availing 6sense’ solutions, PGi, a dedicated provider of collaboration software and services experienced tremendous success. To remain competitive in the market, PGi started evolving its marketing strategy from traditional demand generation to an ABM approach. The ultimate goal was to improve win rates, increase deal sizes, and accelerate pipeline velocity. PGi, however, needed a partner that could provide sophisticated data-driven guidance to help them prioritize the accounts to be targeted. In PGi addressable market, there were thousands of accounts that were targeted by their sales and marketing teams. As a result, they turned to 6sense and within few months of onboarding, PGi gained complete visibility into area that required allocation of their marketing resources, having a huge impact on their revenue outcomes and ROI.” For a company that always strives to stay one step ahead of its competitors, the results delivered by 6sense were transformative. Data-driven decision-making built on the insights of the 6sense’s predictive intelligence platform helped PGi leaders to optimize their marketing and sales efforts to increase the speed to identify accounts and win clients.

Today, marketers are transforming into technologists. They are forced to manually process data sets to make decisions. “If we can let technology go back to doing the technology, then marketers could go back to doing their original purpose—building compelling stories and engaging brands to further the conversation for sales and marketing,” says Amanda Kahlow, Founder, Executive Chairman and CSO, 6sense. AI is serving the purpose of discovering the buyers and bringing the technologies together, allowing marketers to go back to being marketers. 6sense is focused to reap the power of AI to uncover and accelerate buyer demand. “6sense has the wind in our sails. We found our market fit and have a rock-solid platform, and Zintak at the helm is stepping on the gas into hyper-growth with rich experience in marketing and big data,” asserts Amanda. “With validation from both a strong enterprise customer base as well as the analyst community, 6sense is poised to reinvent every aspect of marketing—from dynamic, time-based target account identification, to attribution, media spend and campaign management,” concludes Zintak.