The Perfect Digital Transformation Enabler for Banks

Murali Gopalan, Co-Founder, CEO, Cleareye.aiMurali Gopalan, Co-Founder, CEO
Fintechs have accelerated digital disruption in the banking industry with streamlined business operations, providing key insights in real-time and incredible customer experience. While this disruption has spread like wildfire across industries like retail, banking is feeling the heat now. Burdened with stringent compliance regulations and increasing risks, banks are forced to prioritize risk management over customer experience. On the other hand, they find it daunting to counter the growing menace of fintechs offering different business solutions, thus hurting their overall growth. This is a dangerous trend for the traditional banking industry. Adding to the woes, the lack of an efficient infrastructure to generate deep insights from burgeoning digital data dents their prospects to deliver better customer experience. Banks need to revamp their data management strategies and leverage modern tools that help them dive deeper into their datasets (be it own, public, structured, unstructured, or a combination of these) to extract valuable insights.

Founded by veterans with years of entrepreneurial and digital systems experience, helps banks become more responsive to consumers and increasingly agile in launching innovative products to the market to be ahead of the curve. The company offers a unique platform that combines artificial intelligence and quantum-inspired algorithms to improve banks’ efficiency and productivity significantly. The innovative platform comprises advanced cognitive tools for enhanced customer experience, streamlined execution of operations that leads to simplified banking, and improved compliance.
Mariya George, Co-Founder, President & Chief Sales Officer
“We marry customer experience and risk management for banks to simplify their operations and increase top line and bottom line growth through our outcomes-driven platform, which can be readily integrated with the banks’ existing systems at little incremental cost,” states Mariya George, Co-founder, President and Chief Sales Officer at

We marry customer experience and risk management to simplify banking through our outcomes-driven platform brings game-changing effect to the banks by redefining their decision-making paradigm through automation. Murali Gopalan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer” of the company explains, “In recent years, banks have been losing market share to Fintechs as a consequence of their legacy: they are designed to manage risk and not experience, poor insights from inadequate data management strategies and legacy workflows that slows decision-making.”

With platform, banks can communicate with their customers through their channel of choice. This allows banks to build stronger relationships with customers, understand their unique requirements thoroughly, and introduce products that matter to them at their point of need. achieves this by bringing artificial intelligence to mundane operations, so that banks can focus on their core purpose. The platform has multiple components designed for capabilities like advanced document ingestion, market intelligence sensing, fraud detection, user experience sensing and scoring, vision, speech to text, among others. These are applied to KYC, regulatory compliance (LIBOR transition), operational risk management, lending and loan processing (secured and unsecured), fraud identification, and many other functions. Its conversational AI capability can be a digital assistant for bank’s customers.

While onboarding a client, undertakes a consultative approach to understand their specific pain points and provides them with solutions that best fit their needs. In a nutshell, it empowers banks to explore opportunities through data-driven insights.